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A dreamer ? 

“Every woman should feel comfortable in their own skin and deserves a touch of luxury”

This is where I tell you my story right ? Well like every woman out there on the planet we call home, the inevitable started to happen, age ! 
I found myself feeling really disgruntled with all the 'anti age' and 'magic potion' stuff that the big brands were 'selling' us in the media, I want to age and be proud of the natural process - it's going to happen no matter what - so why not be fully conscious of it, turn to nature and use the best she has to offer and age with grace without worry.

Wouldn't it also be wonderful to do so without overusing our natural resources and to do it with kindness, mindfulness and love of the planet, it's people and ourselves ?
I wanted to trust the process, be my true self - spend time & have time to breath in this hectic world....especially through the challenges of menopause - (yes the dreaded M word)

I encourage you to come with me, find time to pause, find time to enjoy your skincare rituals and enjoy being you on this journey  .....  after all we have been daughters, wives and mothers isn't it time to be just you ?

Our Story

Botanics To Skin was born from an intention to restore a positive connection with your skin and to generate a recognition of your unique beauty.

We want to encourage you to discover the sacredness within your skin care ritual—the magic of your own touch, magnified by the potency of pure plant oils, minerals, and herbs.

Our mission is to facilitate  a conscious time-out, while also delivering exquisite natural ingredients, measurable results and utmost customer care.

We pour every effort into delivering the most beautiful experience we can imagine with wonderful ingredients.

We are committed to delivering  ethically and with uncompromising integrity, from the seed to the bottle.  It is not an exaggeration to say we cannot do this without you.   We answer to our own code of values, and to you.

From this place, magic happens ... take the time to enjoy it !

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We respect and admire our source—the planet—and ensure that each of our ingredients are procured with the highest sustainable, ethical, and qualitative standards in mind.

Our collection is handcrafted using only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients that are: natural, bio-dynamic, wild-crafted, cruelty free, sustainable, and/or harvested with social consciousness in mind. All of our products are free from SLS, MI (Methylisothiazolinone) or MCI.

These ingredients are not tested on animals, nor are our finished products. We do not sell in any countries that require animal testing. We encourage environmental thoughtfulness in every step of production - from the growth, harvesting, and processing of our raw ingredients to the packaging of our products.

Our boxes and glassware are recyclable. We pack our boxes for shipment with recycled paper materials, rather than plastic or foam, send digital receipts rather than paper, and minimise branding collateral that is often discarded upon delivery.

Social Conscious

The Earth gives us everything, and we desire for our efforts to give back. Including our commitment to work with One Tree Planted.

We practice consciousness of the environment, planet, and individual well-being. We believe in supporting local economies and ensuring workers in every stage of our process are paid well - from focus on fair-trade efforts in ingredient sourcing to that of our own small team.

We do our best to integrate thoughtful and loving choices into every element of our business, and welcome the opportunity for further growth.

An extraordinary amount of effort goes into ensuring not just authenticity and freshness, but also that our planet and the wellbeing of our farmers has been considered and honoured. Wherever possible, we purchase fair-trade, and wild harvested raw materials, and those grown with care and intention on small family farms.

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