Did you know that your skin is considered to be the largest organ in your body?

It is said to account for 15% of your body weight and is made up of 3 layers: The top layer, the epidermis which protects us against infection and the flow of water or chemicals from getting into our internal systems. This layer of skin can vary in thickness but on average it is around 0.5 millimetres thick. The dermis is a middle layer of tough connective tissue, hair follicles and glands. It is substantially thicker than the outer layer by about 20-30 times. This layer helps to give the skin its elasticity, strength and reliability. The hypodermis, which consists mostly of fat and tissue that attaches the skin to our muscles. This naturally varies in thickness depending on each person’s body composition and weight. This is where energy is stored by means of fat, therefore insulating the body and protecting it from external trauma.

Skin Function

  • The skin as a whole has many functions.  It helps to regulate our bodies temperatures. It helps with our production of vitamins such as vitamin D. 
  • It protects us from infection and trauma. It is key to our touch senses. The healing of wounds is a main function of our skin.
  • It acts as a barrier to protect against water loss, bugs, chemicals and so on.Mental and physical health can be somewhat dictated by the health of our skin.

Skin Health

Our skin plays a huge role in the maintenance of our health but it can cause issues with over 3000 known skin disorders.

As skin is a very demanding organ, it is no surprise that there is a big emphasis on skin health - to take every effort to maintain the strength of our skin.

Skin is believed to renew itself every 28-30 days, with new cells being generated in the deeper layers before rising to the surface. Hence the importance of a skin routine to rid the body of these dead skin cells.

While there are many phrases used to market such skin health products such as ‘healthy’ or ‘glowing’, amongst it all, it can be very hard to know what is needed to protect your skin.

 Many people are slow to take up a skin care routine and often don’t until an issue arises. Common issues generally include dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, wrinkles, sun damage & acne to name a few.

Skin begins to age when we are in our twenties and varies for each individual person. Some people age quickly while others look young at 70. When we say ageing skin, this means that the collagen production within your body starts to slow down and stores are depleted. Collagen is the substance that holds the body together, improving its strength and appearance. A lack of collagen will cause the skin to sag and wrinkle.

There are several ways to prevent the loss of collagen such as a healthy diet, this will help the body to naturally produce collagen. Specific nutrients to include in a healthy diet are protein, vitamin A, copper and anthocyanidins which can be found in blueberries. New therapies – such as laser therapy can stimulate the growth of collagen, elastin and melanin. Things that can inhibit the creation of collagen include: Smoking, Exposure to sunlight, High sugar consumption, Autoimmune disorders, Natural ageing

At Botanics To Skin, we provide a set of products that differ from most high street and exclusive brands.  We are firm believers that mother nature has over centuries provided the ability to give us what we need to have a positive impact on Skin Health and as we all live longer, there is no doubt that skin ageing is inevitable. Taking care to avoid the real nasties like smoking and extensive exposure to sunlight is of course one of the best methods of prevention however, we have developed a range of skincare products that use the best of natural ingredients to support and promote skin health. 

We avoid all the common place nasties found in many (much more than you realise) skincare products like SLS, Mi & MCI that are not only irritants but can even be damaging to skin. We focus on the natural riches, many have been used for centuries and have been forgotten, using not only botanicals to enrich our products with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants but also some of the more exquisite ingredients that have been over priced and restricted to the high end cosmetics companies but offer real skin health benefits.

In addition we bring you a range of devices and tools that can help and support the natural ageing process, some using very traditional techniques such as steam and ice, others bringing more modern day thinking to address positive ageing process.

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Face Masks

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Gold Collection



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