Natural v Organic Skin Care ... Did you know that our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we apply on it ? For those of us who have been aware and conscious about our skin care rituals, the terms natural cosmetics and organic skin care are being widely used. So what is the difference and what is best for you ? 

Worldwide, people are trying to live better and elevate their quality of life - this is not a TREND but a movement ! The health of our skin is considered as one of the critical elements that impacts not only our physical and biological quality of life but also the psychological and mental well being that affects our confidence and efficacy. 
What it does mean however, is that we need to get to know our skin care a little better. 
Simply using 'natural' labeled products doesn't ensure great results and it's never wise to gamble on your skin health. Instead look for the ingredients which supply your skin with the molecules it needs.

What does Natural mean ?

  • The term Organic is fairly regulated across the UK, EU, US and Australia, this is not the case for 'all natural' or 'natural'. Natural doesn't mean organic.
  • Natural or all natural isn't always good !  You wouldn't like natural poisonous mushrooms on your skin or in your diet!
  • Broadly speaking and for most certification bodies, the term 'natural' stands for

    Ingredients that come from plants, flowers and mineral origins found in nature
    No genetically modified (GMO's) ingredients
    No Parabens, sulfates or other harmful substances
    Limited or no petrochemical ingredients
    Never tested on animals
    Manufacturing process is such that it retains the integrity of the natural ingredients.

Natural Vs Synthetic

Latest surveys show women in the age group of 35 - 54 are increasingly inclined to go green with 69% favouring natural products. 6 in 10 women now read the product labels prior to purchase! The question is whether we are right in being wary of chemicals in our skincare. Are we blindly buying into natural brands or there is some scientific reason behind it?
Firstly we need to be clear - everything is chemical and there is nothing like chemical-free!
Everything including water is chemical. A better term is 'synthetic' which generally means that a natural derived ingredient has been molecularly replaced in a lab to provide the same effect. 
Natural essentially means that nothing in the product was made in a lab

Why choose Natural Skin Care Products ?

Safe for the environment
Synthetic chemicals are harmful not only to human skin but also to the animals and plants they come into contact with. If they seep into the ground, they can have dire consequences on surrounding ecosystems. Also, manufacturing traditional skin care products releases lots of pollutants leaving a negative carbon footprint on the environment

Safe for Skin
When you apply any lotion on to your skin, the ingredients contained with it slowly sink into the bloodstream. Thus, they have a direct effect on many of the body's processes. If the ingredients are beneficial they will benefit you, but if they are a detriment, they will cause adverse effects on the body. By using natural skin care products, you are essentially avoiding all negative health effects resulting in you feeling better and looking better.

Safe for animals
It is sad that many skin care product manufactures including many big names test their products on animals. Natural skincare product manufacturers forego animal testing helping us avoid contributing to harmful and malicious practises.

Natural Vs Organic
Although these words are being used synonymously there are significant differences between the two. If you see 'natural' that broadly means that ingredients were produced by nature but it doesn't necessarily mean they are 'organic'. Natural products can contain chemicals but that is not the case of organic products. "Organic" strictly refers to ingredients that are farmed without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilisers it is non-GMO.
You can safely assume that an organic product will have between 95-100% chemical free ingredients, while for a natural product this is usually around 70%.

Botanics To Skin is a transparent skin care brand, and we are careful to label our products with accuracy as we strive to become more 'organic'. Some of our products are already "organic'' and we work hard to ensure more and more of our ingredients are sourced and formulated from organic farmers. Whilst natural ingredients are not as 'regulated' Organic has much stricter standards so in order to offer a full range of products - more than just facial oils - it is with careful choices that we strive towards supplying only the best ingredients available.  We fully avoid all the common place nasties chemicals found in many (much more than you realise) skincare products like SLS, Mi & MCI that are not only irritants but can even be damaging to skin. We focus on the natural riches, many have been used for centuries and have been forgotten, using not only botanicals to enrich our products with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants but also some of the more exquisite ingredients that have been over priced and restricted to the high end cosmetics companies but offer real skin health benefits.

In addition we bring you a range of devices and tools that can help and support the natural ageing process, some using very traditional techniques such as steam and ice, others bringing more modern day thinking to address positive ageing process.

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